Hours of Operation:
Monday- CLOSED
Wednesday- 8am-2pm
Thursday- 8am-2pm
*Do not close for lunch.

Telephone: 989-842-3428
Fax:                 989-842-5978

Township Supervisor:
Jerry Rohde

Township Clerk:
Kelly Bushre

Township Treasurer:
Marguerite Cooper (Maggie)

Board Members:
Jerome N. Rohde             Supervisor/Assessor
Kelly A. Bushre                 Clerk
Marguerite Cooper       Treasurer
Neil Jenkins                       Trustee
Brian Goward                   Trustee

Joy McCallister                 Deputy Clerk
Rebecca Childs                 Deputy Treasurer

Chuck Standley                Handy Man

Board of Reviews:
Jim Huntoon
Jeff Anderson
Julie Jenkins

Board of Appeals:
Neil Jenkins
Jim Cooper
Debra Ostrander

Planning Commission:
Jim Cooper-Chair
David Oliver
Brian Goward
Ron Peck
Tom Turner

Election Commission:
Kelly Bushre-Chair
Marguerite Cooper
Jerome Rohde

Township I.T. / Website Admin:
Emma Rohde